New Alternator Testing module added to Understanding Charging Systems!

03 / 10 / 2020


Over the last few decades, the car as we know it has undergone an electronic transformation, with increasingly complex and interconnected electrical systems now at the heart of every modern vehicle.

The result? Smarter, more efficient, more connected motoring – notwithstanding, of course, the inevitable servicing, diagnostic and repair challenges for today’s technicians.

In our recently updated training course on Understanding Charging Systems, we take a deep dive into the technology that’s helping sustain the vast electrical demands of modern vehicles.

Over four videos, you’ll explore how the standard alternator has evolved into a highly sophisticated, computer-controlled charging system. We’ll introduce the science behind key charging principles, including electromagnetic induction and current rectification, and use our advanced 3D graphics to actually take you inside an alternator, so you can explore the function of components like the diodes, the voltage regulator and the over-running pulley.

Finally, in our latest addition to the course, we’ll give you a complete, hands-on guide to best practice alternator testing, including some great tips for diagnosing the very latest smart charging systems.

In this new module, Ross Hatton takes you through everything you need to know about diagnosing faults in a modern automotive charging system, whether that’s performing an AC leakage test, using a scope to check alternator diodes, or interpreting and responding to fault codes generated by an ECU-controlled smart charging system.

By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll be super confident tackling any charging system challenge in the workshop.

So what are you waiting for? Autodata Training customers can access the newly-update Understanding Charging Systems course now by logging into the training portal. And if you don’t have an Autodata Training subscription, join today to get access over 300 great training videos on fundamental and advanced automotive systems.

Trust us, once you use Autodata Training, you won’t look back!



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