Hybrid Powertrain – Mechanical Diagnosis | New Training Module

08 / 02 / 2023


In most aspects, Hybrid vehicles have the same components as ICE vehicles, so existing tried and tested mechanical diagnostic methods are used to determine many of the driveability issues encountered. 

When moving into the powertrain system of a hybrid vehicle, however, there are some unique diagnostic procedures and tests that can make the fault finding process safer and more efficient.

In the next addition to our Full Hybrid Powertrain Systems course, we will take you through some of the procedures and requirements for effective diagnosis of the mechanical issues that can occur in a hybrid electric vehicle’s powertrain.

The topics covered in this training module include:

  • The most critical checks and testing methods to be carried out for hybrid electric vehicle powertrains
  • The potential mechanical faults that can occur
  • Some of the tools that can aid in effective diagnosis

This module will be the latest addition to our growing library of over 350 technical training videos, covering the following key areas:

Electrical   |   Engine   |   Chassis   |   Drivetrain   |   Driver Assist
HVAC   |   Diagnostics   |   Servicing   |   Hybrid & Electric Vehicles



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